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I have an Ephiphanie….Camera Bag.

March 22, 2010

What does a girl do when she wants to take her camera everywhere she goes and only has big, black, bulky (and needless to say manly) camera bags to take with her?

A. She waits many long years until there is a real selection, designed for women, to choose from! And that day has come.

After many long nights of mulling over the many new amazingly beautiful camera bags on the market today I decided on the Epiphanie Bag. And man am I happy I did! Not only is it my favorite color but it’s beautiful, soft, sort of small and fits exactly what I need it to for a personal day of shooting. Be sure to check out their website for all the details.

“Live your life the way you picture it!”

Here is the lovely dust cover to store it in!

And where was its very first outing? To my nephew’s hockey game on Sunday! Who doesn’t go to a hockey game in style anyways?
“Go Evan Go!”
Hockey in Newfoundland

And in other news from the weekend: My husband turned another year older.   We had an awesome night on Saturday with family, steaks and tennis cake!

Here’s to another great year of life with the one I love!
Happy Birthday Ryan

Advertisements Wedding Albums

March 11, 2010

Here is one of my favorite studio album samples.

This is the album of Ben + Pam who were married in Maui, HI January 2009.

Here you can see a close up of the embossed text: Ben + Pam, Maui 2009
St. John's, Newfoundland

The binding.

And the pages.

A sample double page custom layout with text.

And another…can you tell I like this photo?

Here is a comparison between the Main Art Album normally purchased for the couple and a Parent Album. Of course all albums differ depending on the custom order. But I get a lot of questions about the differences and I thought this photo might be a good answer. This particular parent album sample is 8.5×11.

The parent album has magazine style pages.

And there you have it. If you’d like to talk weddings or wedding albums send me an email and we’ll set up an appointment!

Hope your day is great!

Oh Summer.

February 27, 2010

Summer.  Summer means warm sun, long days and an easy outside life. How I long to just walk out the door without having to don thick jackets, mitts and really large boots. I long to not have an entrance filled with drenched snowpants & sopping mitts and a wet dog.

Summer also means trips to Eastport aka. our little place called ‘Paradise‘.  It’s our all inclusive resort situated right beside the ocean.  Another name for it is ‘my parents place‘ Seriously, it’s among the best places on earth.

The best part is, we plan to go there next week! Yup, it might not be as hot as usual, supper will most likely not be prepared when we arrive (my parents are also snow birds), but we will stoke up a fire and enjoy the moon rising over the winter ocean.

Can’t wait.  This photo was taken summer of ’09 from my parents deck. It really is everything it looks and more.

Charla Photography NL

Calling all 2011 Brides…oh, and Grooms!

February 9, 2010 Photography - St. John's, Newfoundland

It’s finally that time of year! 2011 Wedding Dates are officially open and ready for booking!  As I publish this blog post every 2011 wedding date is open! But the really good dates, aka. July and August, will be booking fast. So, if your dream wedding date is in those two months and you have to have photography your wedding please email me asap!

idea (at) charla dot ca

I’m really excited to meet everyone who’s contacted me so far and can’t wait to hear from all the other newly engaged couples out there!  We’ve got a lot to talk about! Photography

One Green Frog

February 8, 2010

Brothers with a green frog

Friday  night I started feeling really sorry for myself.

Being ‘Star of the Week’ is a coveted title in Liam’s kindergarden class.  It means you get a make a poster all about you that displays in the hallway for everyone to see.  It means you get to be leader for one whole week.  And it means that Legs the Frog gets to come home with you all week. At the end of the week you get to write in Legs journal and tell all about the exploits of Legs and your family.  Your story goes down as part of history in the Kindergarten class at St. Bonaventure’s College. It was finally Liam’s time.

Ryan left for almost a week around noon on the Friday, the Friday before Liam was to be star.  In the throws of Friday night my sinus’ became so blocked I woke in fits of panic feeling like I couldn’t breath. No amount of blankets could warm me up. Liam came to my rescue around 8am with water and everything else a sick mother needed. I mustered the strength to take me and my pillow downstairs to the couch where I could at least witness what the kids were doing and where I would stay for almost 10 days.

My niece, Kassi, graciously came and fed the kids on Saturday. My symptoms worsened. As I tossed in bed I cried out to God to heal me.  But God didn’t heal me.  There was no way I could enter into the week like this. No way I could take Liam to school on Monday morning and no way that I could journal about a stuffed frog.  I couldn’t care for my kids, myself, the dog or a frog. If I had the strength and I could find a hole I would have crawled into it and died. I would have given up.  I wanted to know how to have enough faith to be healed.

During the dark night God came back to me.  He paced the word LOVE in my fevered night vision. What? I didn’t understand.  I was the one who needed to be loved.  Was He telling me to be the one to have love? Love, love, love.  I like to say I meditated on it all week but really it just haunted my fever soaked dreams.

1 Corinthians 13. ‘The greatest of these is love.’ ‘Love never fails.’ No matter what wonderful things I do in this world if I have not love while I do them the deeds are nothing. Wait, it also says ‘love bears all things’. Life I guess is not meant to be easy.  Easy is boring right?!

Through the most horrible sinus infection I’ve ever experienced I was shown much love from my 5 year old, from my sister, niece and aunt as they took care of the kids and even from my dog as she slept with me to keep me warm. I was also loved by God as he spoke to my heart more than once over that time.

Love bears all things.’ Not some things or certain things but all things.  Love bears up sickness and hurt, arguments and strife. Loving is also trusting. When I put my own self pity aside and just loved, just trusted God, love beared all things in my life. I have a new understanding of love.  Love does not equal quitting.  Quitting meant giving up on my family and myself.  But love meant perseverence, it meant growth, and a new me.

Love is greater than faith and hope.  God wanted me to see that I didn’t need more faith to be healed I needed more love.  And LOVE never fails. I wrote in the kindergarten journal that Legs had a great time as he watched Liam take care of his mommy.  Liam was Star of the Week thanks to Kassi who drove him to school each day.  And Legs hung out at our house, as sickly as it was.

Legs is now with a new family. And LOVE, not ‘I luv u‘ love but real love, has conquered this house.

Getting Started in 2010

January 19, 2010

Time to start some serious upkeep on my blog.  Christmas was such a great time to be with family and forget the internet even existed! Seriously, I barely checked facebook! It was awesome.  And I dare say it has taken me this long to get back into the swing of things.

What’s on the list for 2010! I’d thought I’d give you a little foreshadowing on what this year holds for Photography!

1. Hiatus: This one really excites me! Until May I will be clicking my shutter buttons purely for creative purposes.  However I do have a workshop or two on the go and am really looking forward to that.

2. Zambezi: Yes, that is the name of a large river running through Zimbabwe.  But it is also now the name of our new little adopted dog, Bezi.  As I type she’s been with us for only three days.  You can expect to hear about her as often as you do my kids!

3. The Meeting Place: I’m currently redoing the space where I like to hang out with my couples.  I have photo updates from time to time on my Facebook Page if your interested in interior design. My website is also undergoing renovation, stay tuned for great things to come.

4. Mayan Riviera: May marks the beginning of the wedding season for Photography. I thought I break in a little gentler this year and start the season in Mexico with Jennifer + Joey as they say I do! Expect some great stuff from the get-go in 2010!

5. Maui: I’m beginning to think this update is not that exciting so I thought I’d end on #5 with possibly the best part of 2010, Maui. My husband and I are flying to Maui in August to shoot the wedding of Alain + Kathy! It’s going to be phenomenol.  Ryan and I have decided to stay on for 10 days to explore the islands and have a much belated honeymoon of sorts! I cannot wait!

That’s it, for now, my top 5 things to look forward to in 2010!

Because all great things end and begin with photographs here are a few of our very new and precious Bezi,

This is our wet dog after her first bath in our house

‘Dog Whisperer Jesse’ loves the job of taking care of his companion.

Bezi is definitely a bundle of energy!