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The Best Food Ever

June 13, 2009

We came upon it accidentally.

The setting was a beach side restaurant. The hot sea air blew right through the restaurant as the walls were basically windows that were all opened up at the time. Our seat was by a ‘window’ and was only interrupted by a few trees between us and the sea.  It was as if we were in a private dining room with an ocean view.

Our experience with food in WA up until this day had been somewhat less than satisfying. Though you pay no tips in that part of the world it was hard to come by what we would consider good service, even in the most posh places. With that came the realization that food terminology/descriptions were not the same as North America. We never did figure out how to get an egg cooked properly. I was starving and I was not giving up. I decided to order the ‘catch of the day’. I was not disappointed. It was a dreamy whitefish that has red lobster-like markings. If anyone knows what this is can you let me know? I dream about this dish, that setting, and the afternoon of kid-less beaching that followed.

Currently this is our favorite spot in the world.

If you want great food, go to Bunker’s Bay, WA.



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