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Kara + Ian | Maternity

June 1, 2009

Just two days after my firstborn turned 5 I photographed Kara and Ian who are about to enter into parenthood. I was brought back to the moments when Ryan and I were waiting for Liam to come. We had no idea what was upon us. All I wanted was for my back to stop aching and to have a waistline again. I would love to jump back in time and feel that little unborn baby kick and hold that precious newborn in my hands. Those moments are magical. They hold so much promise and hope. As I look at my 5 year old boy now I realize even more how magical this moment is and I can’t just let it go by.

I first met Kara at a photography workshop I was teaching last winter. Her hope is to start her own photography career once she recovers from life with a newborn. That life with a newborn is set to begin in six weeks.

Yesterday I found myself with kara and Ian on the banks of Middle Cove. It was calm, warm and beautiful. Again I thanked God for this incredible career. What a joy to be with a couple who is expecting their first baby, and once getting over the initial awkwardness of being photographed, we had a great time!







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  1. Erica permalink
    June 1, 2009 5:3 3

    Beautiful, I was down to middle cove yesterday(may31) and the memories of your engagement shoot came rushing back, is that the chair in your studio, great idea to put something so modern in the field, really nice. Being pregnant is a blessing, I loved ever minute of it. The first picture is my favorite!! it’s hard to choose because she’s absolutely radiant and they’re a pretty cute couple!!!

  2. Tina Stapleton permalink
    June 2, 2009 5:3 3

    Great job Charla, Kara looks amazing.

  3. kara permalink
    June 2, 2009 5:3 3

    I have looked at them a million times and still can’t decide what one is my favorite – I love them all. Thanks again so much for making it a great day helping us both to relax. I hope when our little bundle arrives we can set up another shoot!

  4. LoriMoss permalink
    June 2, 2009 5:3 3

    Kara you look fantastic! The first image is my favorite.

  5. Patricia Hayward permalink
    June 4, 2009 5:3 3

    Charla… hi I am Kara’s Mom
    I had to comment and tell you what a great photographer you are!! The pictures are so beatiful .. great images ..great work I knew they would be good from listening to Kara’s praise of you but they are beyond what i expected… Keep up the great work!!
    Patricia Hayward

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