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The Good and Bad

May 3, 2009

Life right now seems to be all about before and after Australia. Before Australia I told my clients to contact me in May after Australia. Before Australia I decided to wait to clean my house until after Australia. Before Australia I was white, after Australia I’m golden. Before Australia Jesse was a shy guy, after Australia he gives everyone a hug. Before Australia we were caught in a lazy, do-nothing family rut; After Australia we’re determined to keep up a fun, on-the-go family life.

Before Australia I started ‘The Good and Bad’ posts and now, after Australia, I have to apologize for neglecting pretty much all of my duties. It’s been a week since we touched down and life is mostly back to normal. Here’s a little bit about my past week.


~ Sunshine: I fully expected to come home to a dreary Newfoundland spring. To my delight we were welcomed by a hot, bright sun and that sunshine is much to thank for post-vacation depression not setting in.

~ My Clients: Work was the last thing I wanted to think about. As I begrudgingly opened my computer with thoughts of selling it I began reading welcome-home emails from my clients.  Wow, it really lifted my spirits and made me feel so lucky to have great clients that have become friends!

~ The Gym: This week it’s under ‘The Good’ section, next week it could be downgraded. But this week, after Australia, Ryan and I got a couples 3-month pass to work out. It’ll be something we can do together no matter what the NL spring weather is like. And the good news for my Wedding clients is that I will be climbing mountains to get great photos…maybe.


~ Rain and wind: After a week of abundant sunshine the clouds and wind have set in. Post-vacation depression could still set in any minute.

~ Sleeplessness: Our whole family has been sleep deprived because of jet leg.  Saturday marked one week since our return.  The kids were up at 5am and that was a good thing.

~ Australia: I miss it.  And I hate missing things.


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