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Calling all Models

April 28, 2009

Hey everyone out in blog land! I’m back! It’s been a long haul getting to and from Australia! When I look at the globe and see how far we’ve come I shudder…that vast ocean and our little airplane…that little airplane and two kids….two kids and two looong nights of travel.

It was all worth it!

I’ll be reminiscing over the next few weeks and letting you peak through the memory’s of our trip.

UPDATE: We have a lovely couple all ready to go which means our model search is over. Thanks to everyone who inquired. You’ll get to meet the Clarify Couple after the workshop on May 9-10. We have a few seats left and there is still time to register!

For now I am calling all beautiful and crazy MODELS who are in love. We (Lori and I) need a couple to model for our Clarify workshop. You don’t have to be married or you could be celebrating your 10th anniversary. You don’t need your own dress; but if you have one that would be even better. The workshop is less than two weeks away. Contact me ( if you or someone you know is interested. It’ll be a fun afternoon and you’ll have lots of great photos of you and the one you love!


This is a two-day intermediate workshop directed at wedding photographers! We’ll teach you fail-safe tips on making your couples look their best and all the nitty gritty juicy bits on client relations and marketing. No fluff here.

Please note: owning an SLR and knowing how to set your aperture, shutter, and ISO is a must!

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