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Dave + Lindsay | Newlyweds

January 5, 2009

Nathan and Carrie were not the newly weds but the MC’s of the reception of Dave and Lindsay’s wedding. Instead of jokes and cheesy games they wrote great stories and had everybody laughing the entire night. Nathan was gracious enough to allow me to use their story of ‘How they met’ here on my blog. The story is even better had you heard Nathan and Carrie reading it.

Once upon a time, there was a ruggedly handsome young squire named David of Balfour. Though he shared the energetic companionship of his two beautiful [daughters], Lady Emma and Lady Annie, he still felt the soft tug of romance on his lonely heart.
Noticing this desire in his brother-in-law, Sir Blair of Lister, the Guardian of Romance, traveled across rugged mountains to tell young Dave of an eligible young maiden.
Wanting to stir the winds of love in Sir Dave’s heart he declared the praises of this nameless maiden sharing accounts of her keen mind, nightengale voice and savory skills in the kitchen. Truly a worthy companion for Sir Dave.
But Sir Dave had a mind of his own. He did not even wait to hear the name of this maiden, rejecting Sir Blair’s help in matters of love, because he had his eyes on another eligible young maiden.
He stole glimpses of her while studying at the University and finally mustered enough courage to share a conversation with her. He quickly discovered they had a unique bond, sharing a love for the collected works of Dostoevsky and the personal memoirs of Machiavelli.
Desiring the guidance of Sir Blair, the Guardian of Romance, he asked advice on how to proceed with this nameless young maiden. Sir Blair recognized the signs and symptoms of love in his young squire’s eyes and recommended a romantic courting begin at once.
Dave was overwhelmed with excitement and immediately cleaned the Chereos out of his carriage in hopes of impressing the young beauty.
He met her at a coffee shop where they exchanged copies of their favorite literature. He whispered sweet nothings of theory and ethics into her ears. By the end of the night, they knew it was love.
When Sir Blair, the Guardian of Romance, heard about the date, he was so excited that he cracked a bottle of Dave’s favorite Port wine to celebrate this potentially life enriching union. When it came time to reveal the name of Dave’s love interest to Sir Blair, it was a most exceptional surprise, for the same young maiden Sir Blair intended to introduce to Dave was in fact the very Lady Lindsay of Levell that Dave had met on his own without assistance from the Guardian of Love.
And today we celebrate the beginning of their happily every after.


Just Married in Kelowna, BC


Winter wedding in BC by a St. John's Newfoundland Photographer



Groom with a dusting of snow




Wedding Party in Snow


Beautiful bridesmaids in the snow

The beautiful bridesmaids were ever eager to get their photos taken. I didn’t hear one complaint when I asked them to part from the warm SUV’s or stay for ‘just one more’ photo.

Meet the handsome groomsmen.  The fun thing about winter weddings is you lose the sunlight fast.  The entire wedding party was very patient as we set up some very chilly creative photos.


Groomsmen at night in the snow

These two sweethearts are the daughters of the groom.  Could you find cuter jackets, dresses or faces?  I don’t think so!  They are absolutely adorable and I found myself wanting to chat with them all day.


On the morning of the wedding Dave gave his girls special rings that included them in the new family that would form later that afternoon.  Here they took a moment to look at them again.



A white wedding by a St. John's, NL photographer


Wedding Portrait


We stepped inside the lovely studios of Nikki Balfour to warm our fingers and toes.




Bride and Groom silhouette

The kids opened the dance floor and they almost closed it as well!



Congrats Dave and Lindsay (and Emma and Annie)!  Thanks for taking me across the country to share in your special day!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. LoriMoss permalink
    January 5, 2009 5:3 3

    Beautiful! I love the shot of Lindsay laying in the window sill.

  2. B'lah permalink
    January 5, 2009 5:3 3

    Charla, I’ve been waiting to see these pictures. They are certainly stunning! I just love the night shot, the snow on the grooms hat, the little girls and their jackets are beautiful, the bride sitting in the snow, and of course the happy couple…….I’m sure they will be ‘most pleased’ with these photos.
    p.s……………….the story is most interesting.

  3. Gloria Moss permalink
    January 7, 2009 5:3 3

    Charla, Those photos are absolutely beautiful! The winter scenes are so fresh, crisp and wholesome. You certainly had the co-operation of all the bridal party but seeing the results no doubt made it all worthwhile. What a striking couple and those little girls are so so cute. I love looking at your work. You are “a cut above”.

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