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Tobacco Bar

December 31, 2008

The Russian was not just the name the wedding car at my most recent wedding but also the name I have put on the guy in this first photo.

His name is Blair and he just so happens to be my best friend’s husband, a groomsman and the videographer of this most recent wedding. He was also the driver for the wedding couple (and me).  As he handled my heavy camera gear a lot throughout the day I have decided my next hired assistant will have to be a tall Russian (sidenote: Blair was born and raised in Canada and has no known ancestors of Russian decent, that I know of).

The Russian was also the name of the wedding SUV.  Though they had ordered 3 black SUV’s they came in different colors.  The guys decided to name the babies they would be caring for all day: The Russian, Burgundy and Baby Blue.


In a whirlwind trip to Kelowna, BC I had the great honor of photographing a wedding of some old (yet young) friends. Photos of the day are still to come. This post is all about the evenings events on the heated patio of Gallagher’s Canyon Golf & Country Club, the Tobacco Bar!   This crowd don’t tend to take themselves to seriously (I could be wrong).  But they sure know how to kick back and celebrate in style.










Stay tuned for more photos of Lindsay and Dave’s Wedding!

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  1. December 31, 2008 5:3 3

    Man… Charla, I want your secret. Your secret for perfect clarity. I have a camera capable of it now. Do you use flash? If so, what kind? Is it detached from the camera? What is your best lens?

    Okay… I’ll stop pestering you now. But I just want to BE like you!!! LOL

  2. LoriMoss permalink
    January 1, 2009 5:3 3

    I love this entire series! Of course the top one of Blair with that ridiculously (I’m so jealous) long pipe is the best….he’s gonna love that portrait! It’s so Blair.

  3. B'lah permalink
    January 1, 2009 5:3 3

    I love the series! All of them!
    Can’t wait to see some more.

  4. Erica permalink
    January 2, 2009 5:3 3

    Love these pictures Charla, then again I love all your work. Hope you had a great Christmas and wonderful new year!!!! We’ll be in touch.

  5. blair permalink
    January 4, 2009 5:3 3

    i may have won the title shot here, but Mr. Beautiful gets three photos.
    These are all wicked, the ones of Alana and Nathan are totally cool.

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