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Ian + Brenda | Engagement

December 26, 2008

It is a love kindled at the office. How else would a Scottish boy living in Calgary meet this beautiful Newfoundland woman? I met them for the first time at Starbucks and after witnessing how much they adored each other I couldn’t wait to get them in front of my camera.



Ian flew in a few days ago to spend Christmas with his bride-to-be and we met downtown. My favorite moments to capture are the before and after of a kiss, a look, or any kind of ‘pose’. I didn’t realize that Ian and Brenda had taken my advice to heart, I thought they were taking the moments to look longingly into each others eyes. They were great to work with but when I finally said we’re done Brenda quickly announced, “Great, I can finally kiss you!” Oh dear, I thought, this poor couple haven’t seen each other in a month of so and here I was keeping them apart!






We had to sneak inside to warm our fingers and toes.  To my surprise I found a beautiful warm setting for some intimate photos.






I am really excited for Ian and Brenda’s outdoor wedding in September.   A couple this much in love and so caring and considerate for each other are a joy to shoot. Couples like Ian and Brenda are why I love my job!


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