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Chris + Jen | Night time

November 29, 2008

When I first learned to scuba dive it wasn’t in the frigid oceans of Newfoundland but in the Okanagan lake of Interior British Columbia.  If you know that lake you might instantly think of hot summer days.  But in springtime when you are below its surface being pulled by currents and have zero visibility sunshine is a mere glimmer 60 feet above you.  My instuctor gave constant courage by reminding me and my frozen diving buddy that learning in these conditions produced the best divers.  When I made my first dive in calm slightly warmer oceans of Newfoundland I realized his point; when you learn in the toughtest environments you can only rise.  This point is why I believe Newfoundland photographers have to be amongst the best.

Newfoundland has some of the most beautiful settings in the world but the weather is far from ideal when you’re a professional photographer. I often visit blogs of successful photographers whose photos always glow with warm rays of sunshine.   I think it would be a great challange to bring one of those photographers this way if only to feel pity from someone who truly understands!  When I began photographing Jen and Chris today the sun was already buried in rain clouds and forced us to shoot inside for most of the session.  I have more photos coming up later this week.

Here’s a small yet fantastic sample of what Jen and Chris were giving me today as we shot in the darkness, drizzle and fog. (In my mind it was still technically day since it was just around 4:30 when this image was taken)



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  1. December 7, 2008 5:3 3

    LOVE This one! I cannot wait to see more! And thanks again for everything!


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