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Challange #something er other

November 5, 2008

Here is our next photo challange as posted by Jessica. It’s an inspiring one for me. I hope the same is for you. Feel free to join in whether you let us know or keep it just for you to enjoy.

Life has movement. I love movement, but often these days I find myself wishing life’s movement would slow down just a bit for me. Ah….but that’s the mom in me. You see the Tooth Fairy visited my home tonight. Ever so quietly, she replaced my little girl’s tooth, which lay carefully under her pillow, with a toonie….and ever so quietly she reminded me of just how quickly life continues to move.

Behind my camera, I love capturing movement. I remember a time when I would delete any photo I took that looked blury. I’m not sure what made me one day stop and take a longer look at my fuzzy photos, but when I did I saw that this blury motion actually held more “e”motion than the ones that were perfectly sharp. These photos with movement, moved me!

So that is what I challenge you to capture this week. Motion! Movement! Slow your shutter down. Pull out your tripod even. Find the emotion that motion holds.

Our photos will be posted by Friday November 14th!

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  1. Erica permalink
    November 5, 2008 5:3 3

    I’m looking forward to the results and photos!!! Sounds interesting!!!

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