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I Hate Spiders

October 27, 2008

Oh, how I hate them.  It’s nothing really against the poor little creatures.  They didn’t choose to be spiders.  I only disallow them to live if they are on my property, most especially in my bed! We did have one live outside our kitchen window this summer, right above our sink.  We watched him grow into a big daddy spider! Oh yeah, he was big and so so gross. His web was huge and he ate his lunch while we ate ours. His survival was based upon his height from the ground…I couldn’t reach him and imagine many flies flew into his web as they were drawn to our kitchen light.  I contemplated many times how I could get him by opening the window.  That didn’t happen because all I could imagine was as he died and let himself down by his string the wind would blow him into our window and onto me.  That could not happen. He would live.

After a long, and not so hot, summer he disappeared. His daily routine always included long periods away from home.  But alas he did not return.  I was reminded of Charlotte’s web and I almost felt sad.  Then I remembered how clear you could see the pattern on his back and even as I type I shudder.  I certainly don’t regret not taking any photos of him even though I could have gotten really close through the window.

My Ugly is Beautiful image comes the fact that I think spiders are very ugly yet one of the most beautiful things ever is a web that glistens in the sun.  These little hideous creatures astound me every time I see a web.  Though I went on a special walk to get a photo especially for this challenge, today I was editing a recent Engagement shoot and remembered this image I took at the time. I think it’s beautiful.  And it reminded me of the web that sits outside our kitchen window, forgotten, alone and slowly deteriorating.

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