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September 4, 2008

This has been the summer of ‘New Stuff’! I’m not a crazy shopper. I don’t have a hundred pairs of shoes for every season, or an outfit for every occasion. But I do believe in being prepared and in good presentation. I do like to know what’s in and give away what’s not. My kids do occasionally put on brand name clothes. What I am tying to say is that I like cool new stuff but I’m not out of control…yet!

This summer I took on the internet (ie. the world) in researching new equipment and finding exactly what I need. Sometime over the pass few months I realized I needed a camera bag that I would not have to put down every time I wanted my camera, or needed to change lenses. Better yet, it could be a carrier for when I was shooting with two cameras at the same time. It had to be comfortable, not too big and of course cool. Usage would be mainly during weddings and out with my family.

I began to wonder if I was the only one who ever wanted this type of bag since I quickly learned there weren’t a lot of choices for my specific needs. I was shown (by a client) the Lowepro Slingshot. It was what I was looking for and available at our local camera store. But…yeah, I just didn’t like the look of it. I started seeing it around and it didn’t cut it for me.

So to make a long story even longer (come on now, my posts are usually just a few sentences) I did some more searching and found the KATA bags!! I LOVE THEM ALL! Ladies, don’t get too excited, they are not lady-like. But they are very cool and there is one for every possible photographic need.

This is the one: KATA 3IN1-10 There are three sizes, I opted for small. It is accessible from both sides and the front. It has all sorts of nooks and crannies for stuffing things. And it has a separate top compartment for food, lipstick or more equipment! I think I could have done with a medium but I don’t plan to lug every piece of equipment I have. I should have used a model for the photos but alas you’ll have to take a look and if you want a demo give me a call! This bag comes HIGHLY recommended from me.

Stay tuned for the next bag on my list. She’s a beauty and a bag for the ladies to REALLY get excited about!!

KATA logo

Amongst my many favorite features of this bag is the top handle. It’s great because you can carry it off shoulder without having the bag fall around like it normally would when carrying it by it’s larger straps. The entire bag is strong and reinforced to protect the contents of the bag. Just awesome.

top Handling

This is the side opening. Normally you would open it here to see the back of your camera.

side opening

PS. Unfortunately no one is paying me for this promotional post! I’m representing KATA on my own terms!

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  1. goldberry00 permalink
    September 4, 2008 5:3 3

    Very nice! I like the styling. Not like other bags…

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