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S.S. Ethie

August 27, 2008

1919 is said to have brought one of the biggest storms that this particular part of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland had ever seen. All 92 people on board were saved including the famous story of a baby that was sent ashore in a mailbag.

Today there are only a few rusty pieces of the ship littered across the beach. It is great to know that no one was lost that night but even on a sunny afternoon it is easy to sense the fear that must have passed through the passengers and crew.

The bones of the S.S. Ethie could not have been placed in a more beautiful scene. It is worth a stop along Route 430 next time you are there.




ROUTE 430: This photo was taken along the drive through Gros Morne National Park and not far the S.S. Ethie site.



A less tragic beach can be found at The Beach House atHumber Valley Resort. We had the privilege of staying on the resort at Strawberry Hill. The Valley comes highly recommended by Ryan and I. Almost everyone we met there had flown in from Europe and described it as their favored vacation spot. It is now ours as well. The west coast of Newfoundland holds many little gems. If you would like a detailed referral by me just send me a email. And there is no need to say that if you are planning a wedding at the resort I can be there! 🙂

the beach house

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