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Location, Location, Location.

August 14, 2008

During a much needed break from rain, work and motherdom, the family and I headed out for a picnic on the beach. On our drive home my husband and I realized we hadn’t spoken about work once! The four of us ate a peaceful dinner by the ocean, threw rocks in the water and watched three whales swim across the bay. It was a nice taste of our upcoming vacation (next week).

What I found whilst on our evening getaway was a brand new location for brides and brides-to-be. I can’t wait to use it. It’s a great mix of beautiful beach and cliff scenery while throwing in a little urban flare. This is an image I took to remind myself of the location.

Under the bridge

Location is always the top question once a wedding is booked. “How many do you do? Where should we go?” I answer these questions in my WEDDING DAY FAQ post. For now I thought I would elaborate a bit on location choices.

First to consider are places that are you special to you (the couple). Maybe a place you spend a lot of time like a pub, coffee shop or walking trail. Some couples live away from home but return home to be married. For those couples it is important to have a bit of ‘home’ in the backdrop of their wedding day photographs. Others want something crazy, different, out of the ordinary. That depends really on what you think is out-of-the-ordinary. But it could be a place like a back alley, a department store or a barber shop!

Your personality could be an inspiration. Are you a book lover? The isles of a library are a great place for a couple to sneak away. Are you a musician? Instruments are great props? Are you a photographer? Maybe I can take photos of you taking photos of your new wife/husband! Those are just some basic ideas. If you need some inspiration just call or email me. I’ve always got a few new ideas to try out.

Last to consider in your location choices are the locations themselves. Are they all within a good travel distance for the day of your wedding? If you have to plan props or make appointments for your location choice you have to be sure it is written on your to do list. This final tip is not the opinion of most photographers (wasn’t even mine until recently) but the more locations the better. Just remember to be flexible in case you can’t make it to all the locations.


Symmetry and Sunset

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