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The Relaunch.

July 19, 2008

I have lots of exciting news in the next few weeks. As you may or may not know I have been on an extended maternity leave. This summer I have been gearing myself up for the relaunch of Photography (formally known as Stay tuned for the official relaunch which will be coming late summer/early fall. Even to say the work ‘fall’ makes me shudder. I am in no way ready to say good bye to summer yet!

I’ve had a great few years devoting my time to my kids and family. I have of course been shooting all the while as you know from my blog. So though I am not officially up and running (also stay tuned for my new site to be launched in the next few weeks) I have already begun shooting, some may call it ‘working’! I am ready to start fulfilling your photographic needs. Photography

Specializing in Wedding Photography but since I love variety in my day-to-day to life I will photograph anything!

There is no photo too strange or too normal for me to take. I love to push myself and my camera to its limits. So far I haven’t reached them.


Thanks for all your support in reading my blog…my stats might not blow your mind off but I’m pretty happy with them!! One day I might tell you what they are.

Keep reading and stay tuned!

Happy Summer Everyone!

ps. What do you think of my logo?

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  1. Andrea permalink
    July 27, 2008 5:3 3

    Your pictures inspire me to do something creative… paint, draw, or shoot pictures of my own.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your new website… your work is beautiful.

  2. July 28, 2008 5:3 3

    Thanks Andrea, it’s almost (I’m saying almost cause anything can still happen) a matter of days now before my new site is ready.


  1. Phase 2 (relaunch) «

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