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Park Day

June 24, 2008

Kids + Park = photos

It wasn’t just me. Every mom and their dog had a camera at the park on Sunday. There were even some cameras as big as mine (I think my 300mm lens outdid them all ). It’s almost impossible for a parent to watch their kids play at the park and not take a photo.

A few days ago I posted about not posting much this summer. Well I’m not keeping my word yet as I have posted the last two days now. I promise though, I will be posting less.

I played a little with the over used vintage look. Nostalgia fits well with these images. My husband and I often talk how time is flying and looking at the photos in this light makes me appreciate even more so that these times are quickly passing. Soon I’ll have two teenage boys that take everything in life for granted…especially me. Right here in these moments I have two boys that know how to seize the day!

See Saw


A Good Day was Had

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  1. June 29, 2008 5:3 3

    Precious pics!

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