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Hanging On

May 24, 2008

Through my always accurate internet self diagnosis I believe that my son and I have influenza…not the regular stomach flu but the real influenza that they vaccinate against. Now I understand why they vaccinate against this stuff. Thanks to my aunt, my sister and my husband our four year old has been taken care of (and having the time of his life since he’s been somewhere new everyday). Doctors have nothing to give us, they just say you gotta get through it. My sister has an in at the best Naturopathic clinic in town (she’s the nutritionist there) and she told me about a treatment for virus which my husband picked up this morning (he’s really desperate at this point to get us better)…I’ll let you know how it goes.

Good points? My son and I are bonding, I’m kick starting my summer weight loss program and I’m learning a lot about cooking and home decorating via tv. Plus, one week from now this is going to be the cleanest house in town.

We are through almost 4 days…just a week to go!

On a very exciting note my cousin gave birth via c-section to her third bundle of joy! Congrats to Shannon and Chris. I can’t wait to see photos which I am sure will be up in no time at (since she is the new auntie and is visiting them right now).

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