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May 14, 2008

All by myself for 24 hours…that was my mother’s day gift. I surprised my own mom with a kidless visit. Of course I brought my camera along but didn’t feel like taking extra time stopping for photos. Instead I snapped a self portrait to commemorate the first time I’ve been alone in four years. (Ok, so I’ve gone grocery shopping and on a photo excursion here and there but never for a whole 24 hours).

I held the camera away and took a photo expecting to find horror facing me on the back of my camera. You can imagine my surprise when the light hit my face just so and I thought for an over worked mother (over worked is a redundant descriptive for mother) of two I didn’t look half bad. I also thought it was a very introspective photo. This really was the first time I’ve been alone and slept alone in four years (my son turns 4 in two weeks). In many ways I’ve forgotten what I use to be like. There are points about that girl I wouldn’t mind taking on again. Today I’m back home and it’s had to think with all the noise going on around me so I’ll stop. For more about self portraiture read this.

Me, myself and I

PS. I’d like to wish my cousin a VERY happy birthday. Happy Birthday CINDY!!

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  1. May 15, 2008 5:3 3

    I LOVE the bottom one! Great light and I love your hoodie – very young and fresh.

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