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Photographing the People

May 4, 2008

Ahhh, people! It’s a breath of fresh air for me to photograph and be able to post photos of people.

Thanks to Lori, I was able to shoot one afternoon last week at the fishplant that is ‘the mainstay’ of our hometown. The plant and its wharf were busy offloading and processing crab. These photos are of a few people attending to a boat that was offloading. I do not personally know these people and what their lives entail. I do know that my parents owned this Fish Plant (Happy Adventure Sea Products) for many years. They saw the many ups and downs of the Newfoundland fishery and the people that worked it. They dealt first hand with a lot of the people that give Newfoundland its bad rep and also with a lot of people that worked hard to change that reputation. My parents were always able to come out on top due to their diligence and faith in the Lord.

In case you haven’t heard, Newfoundlanders often get a bad rep for laziness and not wanting to work. This reputation comes out of years of seasonal work and a declining fishery. Fisherman, especially, had to work hard during the different fishing seasons to earn their ‘stamps’ so that they could collect unemployment over the winter when no work was available. Some years it was a struggle to earn those ‘stamps’ because the fish or work simply wasn’t available. However, for some people, it became a habit and once they had their stamps they just stopped working. (ok, I know that might be a very bad explanation but I would love comments to further what I’ve said). As I look back at these photos it reminds me that this island is made up of hard working people that want to make a go of their life. I have always been proud to say that I am from Newfoundland and I think we need more positive stories and looks inside the people and fishery of Newfoundland. Our economy is beginning to boom and it is very exciting to watch the people who are ready and willing for the changes to come.

On the Wharf

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