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Monkey Business

April 28, 2008

The business of monkey’s at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, is very profitable. They were so tame you could almost touch them, though we didn’t dare. They even had a running water tap. They were very cute and very small.

One large group of tourists were gathered around a small group of monkey’s eagerly taking photos. When we got a little closer I noticed they were feeding them chocolate. I guess it was cute and probably not the worst they’ve eaten. Then I noticed the tourist group were throwing the chocolates still in the wrappers! The monkey’s may have seemed tame but not quite civilized to know they needed to take the wrappers off. Besides that, monkey’s don’t know that foil can cause alzheimer’s.

monkey business

Giraffes were one of my most anticipated sightings. Our guide graciously took us on a little giraffe hunt, simply to appease me. As awkward as they may look when they run they are fast. And somewhat surprisingly they hide well in amongst the tall trees. We did manage to get close to one. I think he thought we couldn’t see him. He was very still.


This post marks the end of our safari. We’ll hopefully be trekking Newfoundland for awhile now. Though if someone offered me a paid vacation right now, I would surely choose Zimbabwe!

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  1. April 30, 2008 5:3 3

    I love giraffes. They are majestic despite being gangly!

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