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April 27, 2008

Just about every animal we saw had a baby with them. It was a treat since it really only happens once a year. We were also very lucky in that we saw almost every wild animal in Zimbabwe. All we were missing was a Rhino (which are very rare) and a leopard. Maybe next time.

Zebra were absolutely beautiful to photograph. In real life I was somewhat disappointed. Don’t want to give the zebras a complex but I was expecting something close to the majesty of horses. Zebras are short and stocky and almost look clumsy when they run…if you are thinking of horses. Luckily for the zebra there weren’t too many horses around to compare themselves to.

They say that zebras stripes act as camouflage from predators. This struck me as slightly strange. I have two kids, and I was told that as a babies eye sight develops it is much easier for them to focus on black and white patterns. I would imagine this would translate very well in the wild. Predators would be able to pick them out amongst almost anything. At least the vertical stripes are slimming.


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  1. April 30, 2008 5:3 3

    LOL Slimming, yes! :^) You won’t catch me wearing zebra print though…

    Isn’t it so that they will blend in with each other so that a lion can’t as easily tell where one zebra ends and the other begins when they’re in a herd?

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