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Zim – Lake Kariba

April 25, 2008

On first five days in Zimbabwe were spent on a houseboat. Here you will see the crew of the boat filling the gas tanks via syfon. Gas (or petro as they call is) was and still is expensive and hard to come by. We had to carry it with us in the truck. We had to also use it sparingly. This meant at night we couldn’t have the boat running which meant no air conditioning which meant open windows which meant mosquito’s! The nights were not the best part of the trip. The beauty of the lake during the day helped to ease the pain of the nights. I never thought five days on a luxurious houseboat with a crew to take care of us would be so difficult!


Below Ryan is bargaining with a ‘curio maker’ to buy some of his masks. The guy really wanted Ryan to give up his not very cheap shoes for the wood carvings. Sad to say the guy didn’t get his wishes.


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  1. April 25, 2008 5:3 3

    I believe I now own the carving Ryan’s holding! I love seeing your Africa photos.

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