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Photographing Zimbabwe

April 24, 2008

I will be out of town for the next few days. In order for all three loyal readers to not get bored I decided to post date some entries (actually a few days in a row I had over 200, almost 300 visitors, crazy or what?!). I will be doing a short series on my trip to Zimbabwe in 2003 (check this previous post for two other photos). I was mostly going to meet my husband’s family and see where he was from before giving birth to his offspring. It was an incredible adventure and I don’t feel I did it justice through my photography.

These first photos are of elephants that we saw while on safari (my posts will not be chronological, just simply the photos I looked up first). Since my husband is a native Zimbabwean we got incredible deals. This safari cost us a mere $200USD each (not including flight from Canada). It included a flight across Zim, bus rides to and from the camp, 5 days of lodging and meals. The camp was made of tree houses that didn’t exactly have walls separating it from the outside or inside (as in bathroom and bedroom). It was a very interesting experience. We ate outside overlooking a large waterhole where they were always lots of game to watch. One morning as we ate breakfast after our 5am game drive we watched as a pack of wild dog attempted to take Zebra…but to no avail. I had my camera out but wasn’t really close enough to get anything good.

Enough with the stories. The first photos are from a herd of about 90 elephants. We followed them to the waterhole and watched as they practically lept into the the water for drinks and baths. The bottom photo was taken while house boating on lake Kariba. I captured this photo right after she covered herself with mud. We were about 20 feet away in a small boat. Absolutely beautiful.
Sikumi ele\'s
Below is the Watering Hole we watched from our camp. water hole Mud Covered Ele

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  1. April 24, 2008 5:3 3

    These are awesome!! I can’t wait for more… and I like the stories… tell more! :^D

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