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April 14, 2008

Here’s another old photo from my west coast days. His name is James. He’s a VERY talented musician. You might remember me mentioning him in a previous post where he was an accomplice in smuggling my camera into a U2 concert. He is also the brother of Candace, and her singing partner. They are an amazing pair and just getting back on the scene together in British Columbia. I believe James was a mere 18 when I took this photo. I found it very inspiring to photograph them performing, whether on stage or in our apartment. Music is one of my major inspirations (I still plan to transcribe my university paper on ‘Photography and Music’ into a post). I’ve never worked in it but I’ve taken personal pleasure in photographing and filming it whenever I can.

Creativity is a by product of inspiration. I have often gone out and photographed for the sake of it. I don’t discredit this process. It’s a great way to learn. But I believe in order to produce a real piece of art you need to first be inspired, have an idea, or feel some kind of emotion. As an artist of any kind you can then convert the inspiration through creativity and expression. The end of the process is the art that you see, hear, touch or smell. The expression could be anything from photography to food.

Music can make you get up and dance or break down and cry. It can take you from sad to happy or happy to sad. It reminds us of bygone days and can speak to you in the right now. Music is an artform that almost every kind of person can relate to. Music inspires and from it comes incredible art in many forms.

James and his guitar

“The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance. – Ansel Adams

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