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My Weekend

March 16, 2008

Not a very exciting title. My weekend was spent doing Photoshop tutorials. I love the site I discovered the site about 6 months ago and couldn’t stop till I had done at least half the CS3 tutorials. A few days ago I thought I do some refreshers…I swear, CS3 is endless. I don’t have much to show and I certainly don’t think this is a masterpiece. But I wanted to post something so this weekend wasn’t a totally bust for the blog.

I was considering posting my first tutorial for the blog. However, I think I’ll just spend my time doing more myself. If you’re interested, I will attempt a simple tutorial soon. I’ve read that it’s somewhat of an art to write one. If you are interested to learn something specific, let me know. There are a million tutorials out there. Coming to my blog is not necessary, but since it interests me I will give it a try.

Another thing I did this weekend was help out my dear’est’ cousin Lori in creating her new website/blog with It’s slightly more complicated than the .com sites. You will soon see it at (I’m really using her as a guinee pig for my own site that will come at a later date).

Here’s what I will tell you about this image. The Issue: Most people think it’s quite simple to create an sepia tone. I’ve found out that it really is an art. If you simply ‘convert’ to black and white and add a little red/yellow combo you will come up with a sepia tone…what I would call a cheap sepia. My answer: Through the use of channels and masking and in only a few steps you can create subtle but beautiful tones that enhance an image.

Kassi after some tutorials.

In other news: After a long days work, Lori and I took Kassi (pictured above) to the movies. We saw ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’. I recommend it. It got me thinking about history. My husband and I were talking about this morning over coffee and he said, “Makes you think about how people would think of you if the simple facts about your decisions were written down years later. How would your decisions look to other people…idiotic…smart….”

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  1. March 17, 2008 5:3 3

    You know I would loooooove a tutorial!! :^D I need to just do the Lynda thing…. as much as I’ve learned, there is SO much more!! And on top of Photoshop I have Illustrator, In Design, etc…. (The whole creative suite design premium…) There is so much to learn it’s overwhelming!

  2. March 17, 2008 5:3 3

    The whole creative suite!! You so lucky. Yup, that’s a lot of learning! I should have In Design.

  3. March 17, 2008 5:3 3

    I don’t even know where to start… Okay, that’s a lie. I’m starting with Photoshop and going from there.

    Okay, so I can’t figure out how to move his shadow to be upside down! Urgh! (In the guitar picture.) I need to just figure out how to make him into a black shadow and then lower the opacity (on another layer of course) and then rotate him… can’t figure out just how to make him into a shadow with no gradations of color or texture. Kwim? (It’s all pointless but this is how I learn… via fiddling! LOL)

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