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Found ‘It’.

March 3, 2008

In University I finally found my photographer self when I started doing photo collage. When I graduated university I had to make a living. I did what we all do… I became a wedding photographer. Now that photography doesn’t have to be my primary source of income I’m getting back to what photography means to me.

I was thinking of what I was going to write today to introduce why I love photo-collage. But I think a fellow photographer said it very well. Here is an exerpt from an interview I read with photographer Marilyn Stern:

I was tired of chasing the decisive moment. It started to seem limited, boring, but moreover: dishonest. I know people think of photocollage as “manipulated.” But single-image photography is even more manipulative. I … came to realize how misleading the single image is. Yes, it’s a decisive moment. But who decided? And for what purpose? Why should one moment be preserved as the truth? I began assembling multiple views, devoting my photography to the “indecisive moment,” where the final image is both captured and constructed. I make photocollages not just because they’re fun — and they really are! — but because it feels more correct to me to present the complexity of what I see in the world; to remind the viewer that there’s more than one way to look at what I’m showing. Photocollages are narrative, and I am a story-teller.”

Photo-collage. Punk.

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