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Port Authority

February 26, 2008

I haven’t been out on photography excursions in a while and it’s taking some time to get my photographer legs back. But I am enjoying the process and do wish I could get out every day just to photograph. I took this image on Sunday at St. John’s Harbor. At the time I didn’t really know what I was looking for…just a photo that made me feel good. I knew when I took the photo that this one would do it for me. As I prepared it for posting it really took hold. I love how it conveys one aspect of St. John’s Harbor very clearly.

The aspect is: I’ve visited a few ports around the world. Waterfront property is almost always BIG, GRAND, & EXPENSIVE. When I visited home I was disappointed in the fact that the Harbor front here was not nicer to look at. Still today, I think it could use a major makeover but of course with some of old St. John’s left in it. As I took this photo a new realization really set in. It’s not something I hadn’t thought about before but now it is rather concrete. Though St. John’s Harbor is big, busy, beautiful and has a lot of development potential, the culture must remain. The houses lining harbor, the old buildings and winding streets are not only its heritage but its beauty.

This photo appreciates the large, and I mean really large, ships that are docked in our historic Harbor without forgetting the Newfoundland settlement, life and culture that still exists around every corner.

Even without a makeover St. John’s Harbor is surely a site to behold when you visit or live in Newfoundland.

Framed by Boats

I’m sure other photographers will appreciate this blurb: As I shot this photo an onlooker came by to ask what I was shooting. I tried to explain to him how I was framing the shot but I seriously don’t think he got it. I should have just said ‘boats’. He then went on to inform me of the Coast Guard boat that just came through the Narrows. Oh really, lovely I’m sure.

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