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February 19, 2008
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Day 4 of PAD and I’m already getting philosophical about this whole thing. It’s pouring rain outside and I’m still at home with sick kids…think I’m getting sick myself even though I’m luring back Cactus Juice. I was thinking over breakfast, what in the world am I going to shoot today…and when will I get a chance to do it? I got to thinking about PAD and what it’s really all about…what does it mean for me? Instead of PAD being about posting a photo everyday it should be about art, about self discovery, about self expression. I mean, art is a journey. Then I got to thinking about how does art and photography interpret itself on the web? On a blog? OK, so I didn’t come up with any answers this morning. But I did decide that this should be about a journey not about another great or not so great photo.

To start this new journey I decided to post some Self Portraits. They weren’t exactly all taken with the perfect light set up or a professional camera. They are simply photos of me, that I took.

I’m also not saying that I think these represent ME. It would be an undertaking in itself to figure out what kind of photographic image would represent who I am. You might ask, what would be a reason for a self-portrait? Several reasons might include self-portrait as signature, as a projection of self, as self-study, as fantasy, as narrative, as metaphorical and always as self exploration. Throughout history all kinds of artists have felt an urge to create a self portrait. It’s not a newundertaking for myself or the artist in me but it is a good place to start a journey.

Self portrait

As I write I’m reminded that there are many avenues to go down with self portraiture. I think I will have to stop here. For fear of boring you to death with my terrible writing skills I will once again leave today with saying, if you’re truly interested google ‘self portrait’ or try it for yourself. We all have digital cameras and it’s real easy to delete your experiment if it goes terribly wrong 😉


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