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Day one of how many?

February 16, 2008

I’m entering into a land that I’m not overly fond of…the land where the majority of photographers already are or have been. I like to think that I enter these lands with the first dwellers and leave before the majority arrive. I know I’m a bit late at starting my own blog (I got lots of excuses) but now I’ve decided to backtrack even more and start a ‘Photo of the Day’ (PAD). Since I’m on the bandwagon, I decided to take photographs of flowers for my first day. I’ve seen some amazing photos of flowers in my day. I’m just not into it cause everybody and their dog takes flowers shots and frame then next to their sunset shots.

My reason is as follows. It’s been a mere 2 days since Valentine’s and I do have a dozen beautiful roses on my counter, so why not? They are quite beautiful. Purely natural, a brilliant red and a smell that can almost quench your thirst. I started zooming in on the curled petals and the tiny center buds. I didn’t realize for quite some time how enthralled I became. As the sun dipped in and out of the clouds this is what I got. Strange as I thought it would sound, I like it.


Now the question is, How many days will I continue this PAD thing? There are only so many things inside my house I can photograph before there will be petitions to delete this blog. Eventually I will have to get out.

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  1. February 25, 2008 5:3 3

    Just glanced at these images again. I really like them and I’m making a note to self to take more flower photos.

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