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February 15, 2008

As in Food Photography. It’s a new take on photography for me. I prefer to see people through my lens. One day soon I will place people with my food but for now it’s just food.
It all started in spring of ’06 when my brother-in-law was opening his restaurant. Of course he needed photos. He didn’t really ask me since I had one baby with another on the way. But since it cost so much to hire a studio I decided to take it on. (Needless to say I later became so involved with marketing the company my husband and I became partners! Visit us online at

Totally Greek!

Food photography is no easy task. Lighting and framing a human is simple. I knew all the tricks and I loved to challange myself with new ideas. But with food in front of my lens I was dumbfounded. The light was all wrong, the setting was terribly disruptive and you wouldn’t pay me to eat what I was seeing on the back of my camera. I read article after article, bought a book and researched online. I didn’t have enough lights or the right props. Gradually I added a table lamp and a few mirrors among other things and voila I eventually came up with photos that made MY mouth water.

I’m sure a real pro will look at my food photos and say ‘amateur’ but I have to say, I think I did alright considering what I was working with.

A real food shoot will have a chef, a food stylist, a photographer and several assistants. It ain’t no easy tasks to be all of those at once.

My advice…do it anyways.

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